Saturday, January 19, 2013

First self-made hair

'till now I only used "I-dressup"-hair and changed it a bit,
but for my new Graphic I've designed my first own hair!
Have a look at it:

And here's the complete graphic:

RNTM: Final Task Entries

Part 1
You have to create a dessous outfit, which means sexy lingery combined with fierce high heels, platforms or Litas, maybe also a pair of transparent stockings and of course some gorgeous accessories. One part of this task to present that outfit in an editorial shooting. You can get inspired by some Victoria's Secret shooting you find on the internet.

Part 2
On the photo you should pose together with a snake, wearing fashionable clothes and of course a lovely bag. Everything shall be very colorful like in the picture above. Keep the background simple!
But don't forget that it's about the bag, so try to make it an eye-catcher.