Saturday, September 12, 2015

New Graphics

Hei, here are some graphics I made lately...

Right now I'm one of the contestants of The Greatest Graphic Designer and here are my entries for the first two tasks:

1. Task:
"For Task 1 I want you to create a masterpiece from any Yves Saint Laurent but give it your own twist. I want to see classics, or anything new from this AMAZING fashion brand. I want to urge you not to use your own medoll as this is not a modeling contest. I want this to help aspiring or even stardoll super models get the break they need, so choose from any doll in this Stardoll community you feel fits with the piece of art you create! You may use a runway shot, or even just an ad you find that strikes you as interesting!"

2. Task:
"A Creepy Forrest
This time around you 7 must go into the Dark Forrest were you will be creating a very eerie and dark graphic. They must be wearing black leather, and feathers, keep in mind I want dark colors. Don't be afraid to go ALL OUT. I want to see emo/goth/cult/crosses/ etc. I want it to be very dark and eerie. I will also be giving an assigned theme. there are three themes randomly drawn for you! Cross Roads Demon, cult, and The Evil Queen. DO NOT USE YOUR OWN MEDOLLS."
And here's my Haute-Couture-Look for the Secret Event of The Stardoll Lookbook