Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The Fashion Surviver - Underneath Stardoll

Task 5:
 "Every night there are thousands of children in America who do not own pajamas or a good nighttime book. Usually these children are living in temporary housing after a natural disaster, their parents are in jail, or they are homeless. The Pajama Program is dedicated to giving these children a nighttime story and a comfy pair of pajamas. For this task you must create a pair of pajamas based on your favorite childhood bed time story. Meaning that the pajamas must somehow be tied into the story of your choice, such as Cinderella."

Task 4:
 The Princess Project was made to promote self-confidence by providing prom dresses and accessories to high school students who wouldn't be able to afford them otherwise. People donate their new, and excellent condition dresses to the company and they distribute them out at their giveaway event. Every year more than 1,000 girls from the Bay Area attend the event and receive a beautiful dress and accessories for no cost. Since 2002, The Princess Project has  served more than 18,000 girls and the number is still growing! For this task you must create a prom dress and at least 2 accessories for one of the girls to wear to their high school prom.