Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Entries for Manda's Model Mission - FINALE

1. Task:
" You're going to pose with these gorgeous shoes, called Armadillo Shoes by Alexander McQueen.
In the ad campaign the shoes have to be in the focus, make them stand out of the shoot and they should match the pose and outfit: extraordinary, sexy, crazy, unique.
 The shoes doesn't need to be the same patterns/colors, which are shown in the picture, its just about the shape. And don't forget your epxression and the eyecatcher on the shoes are very important! "

2. Task:
"We didn't do a Prêt-á-porter runway shoot yet, so yeah, now you have to portray your doll in Prêt-á-porter outfit, which means casual, but still chic. The Prêt-á-porter outfit and makeup should fit the current summer scheme. The pose should underline the outfit and atmosphere, you can decide whether it will be a walking or end pose. Moreover don't forget to create a matching catwalk!"

3. Task:
"This is something very special actually, each one of you has to portray herself to a matching Action/Thriller movie and it's main character. Try to catch the movie's message and main story and then create a pose, outfit, makeup and expression which has to fit your film and the main character. The background is indeed important! I want you to show Action!"
My Theme is: Tomb Raider - Cradle of Life