Thursday, August 1, 2013

A little video XD

Order a Blog-Banner - FOR FREE!!!

Hey everybody,
I thought of offering a Blog-Banner-Special...
Yeah, this means you could order a Blog-Banner here for free... But I'll choose the Blogs I'll make the Banners for;)
The only condition is, that you're Blog must have over 100 Followers, and, once I've finished the banner, there should be a post about it...XD

If you want to apply for a unique and free Blog-Banner, please fill out following form in the comments:

Name of the Blog:
URL of the Blog:
Who should be on the banner (SD-Names of the Dolls):
Which Style should the banner have?
Do you have a concrete idea or imagination? (If so, tell me about it)
Your Stardoll-Nick:

Please spread this offer!!!
Yours, Nora