Thursday, December 13, 2012

RNTM: 5th Challenge

Task 1:
"Circus Photoshoot - Yeah, this week we're doing an editorial photoshoot in the circus manege. Remember the theme song of Cycle 4? That was Britney Spears - Circus. I don't know if you've ever seen the music video but this is what the photoshoot is based on, though there aren't any rules what the photo should contain. You could be the only person in the spotlight, you could be an artist on the trapeze or you could be surrounded by a big crew and animals. Just let your creativity flow and think of something amazing, something sexy, something crazy!"

Task 2:
"High fashion - on the one hand we've got Haute Couture, gorgeous elegant dresses that you could die for; on the other hand there are also extreme and complicated dresses, if you can even call them dresses which you would never wear out on the streets. Those dresses are more like costumes, they are mainly used for editorial photoshoots and not meant for common sale. Couture shows are always a pompously staged as they represent the designer's creativity, talent and style.
 And that's what will be your task! First you have to create an impressive outfit. Don't forget about the make-up because on every couture fashion show the models have an extravagant make-up. And then you have to present that outfit on the catwalk. Don't be afraid of stepping out of your comfort zone and try some daring poses."

RNTM: 6th Challenge

"Yes, this week there'll be again a catwalk task. But this time we'll be doing Prêt-à-Porter instead of high fashion. Your task is to create a Business chic outfit with matching make-up and accessories and present the outfit on the catwalk. I'd appreciate if you will take Stardoll clothes. The pose and the background can be done with a graphic program."

Feedback from the judges: "What an amazing outfit! This outfit really does fit the theme 'business chic'. It's classy, but also trendy. Marie and I simply love this outfit! The only thing I'm not happy about is that you forgot the runway.. Nevertheless, it's an outstanding task. :)"

RNTM - Semi-Finals

Task 1:
"Simply create an outfit made of anything that you find on Stardoll (except clothes!) and present it in an Editorial photoshoot - this means you have to pose in front of a plain background."

Task 2:
"Yes, we're gonna have a commercial again. Just like in the semi-finals of Cycle 4, you will be featured in one of my videos which will be an advertising spot. The commercial will be about Make-up on Stardoll! Yes, I know we already had make-up in the last cycle. But this time it's gonna be a little different because now you can use any make-up you find on Stardoll (not only dot like last time). Also, you have to create three different looks. One should be elegant, one should be extravagant and the last look can be made up by you."

Task 3:
"This time you have to present an elegant evening gown on the runway. I think you all know how an evening gown looks like - elegant, coutury, sophisticated! Your make-up should match the dress and maybe you can combine it with some sparkling jewelry and accessories."

 Feedback from the judges: "Wow! Absolutely stunning. I really like your DIY outfit, I don't know what's it all made of but I can recognize a brush, a pillow (which I think I wanted to buy when I was looking through the Starplaza lately) and some other stuff. I only don't like that it's on a runway. Don't get me wrong, it looks adoreable, but the task was to do an editorial photoshoot. Oh well, it isn't that tragic. The make-up looks turned out very well and I simply love the evening gown mixed with the edgy headpiece/wristband."